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Baccarat Crystal Psydelic Necklace, Sterling Silver, Large Blue Scarabee On Cocoon Chai
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The Psydelic long necklace is exquisitely crafted. The teardrop shape is delicately suspended from a silver link, which is affixed to a lengthy silver chain with a tiny silver loop. Inspired by the form of the scarab beetle, the Psydelic pendants are reminiscent of precious amulets from ancient Egypt. This long necklace features a deep blue crystal, which shimmers brilliantly with multifaceted undertones of purple, black, and aqua. A fine layer of the scarab treatment enhances the shine of the naturally resplendent crystal. The Psydelic collection also includes the ring, pendant, and wire earrings, each meticulously cut in the same glamorous teardrop silhouette. Psydelic jewelry adds glamour to any look, and this long necklace is an especially magnetic piece.

Hand made in France.

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Baccarat Crystal

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Baccarat Crystal has, from the beginning, affixed its signature on strong works illustrating all the facets of artistic craftsmanship and covering a vast repertoire of inspiration.

In 1764 King Louis XV of France gave Bishop Montmorency-Laval of Metz permission to found a glassworks in the village of Baccarat located in Lorraine in eastern France.

The creations of great artists inspired by the magic of crystal are all magnificent stones brought together into building the Art de Vivre collection.

This is how Baccarat perpetuates the great French tradition of a cosmopolitan art of living. Envisioned by Philippe Starck, the Baccarat House in Paris, home to the brand's headquarters, is a meeting place for its most beautiful creations and one of its most beautiful manifestations.

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