Belleek Masterpiece Collection Laurel Basket, Limited Edition
Belleek Masterpiece Collection Laurel Basket, Limited Edition
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Size: Diameter: 10.5" H: 2.2"

This Masterpiece Laurel Baskethas been beautifully hand crafted by the skilled craftspeople at Belleek Pottery. This Baskethas been through the famous 16 hand process to get to you today. Part of the 2019Masterpiece Collection this Masterpiece Basketcomes with a unique stamp making it an extra special gift this year.

A laurel wreath is a symbol of victory and honour.It is believed that the wreath dates back to ancient Greece and Rome, where members of Greco-Roman society would hand-make ring-shaped wreaths using bay leaves, small fruits and flowers.

The wreath symbolises the crown, whether it be for martial victory and a successful leader after his triumph or as the prize for an ancient Olympian.Some Universities still crown their graduates with a Laurel wreath as a sign of their achievements and ambition, hence the term Laureate.

This 10 Round basket reflects the complete ring which is the more modern shape for the Laurel wreath compared to the ancient horseshoe shape. Bay leaves are used as the base of the design, still popular today as a seasoning in cooking and found as small potted trees in gardens.The small Valentine flowers are inspired from the Mountain Laurel found in California.Each flower is finely hand painted with tiny pink dots on a white ground, and the buds painted using mother of pearl.

The "Belleek Masterpiece Collection" is a celebration of the craft of creating Belleek and the wonderful legacy of great and varied design styles since the company was founded, over one hundred and sixty years ago, in 1857. This Collection is a combination of old designs from our extensive archive along with many new creations inspired by our rich history of unique and innovative design. To add this to this mix, some of the older pieces in the group have been painted differently from their original style of decoration. Each of the seventeen pieces in this compilation is marked by a Masterpiece stamp noting the excellence and significance of every piece in the collection.

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Belleek Pottery has been hand-crafting fine porcelain in County Fermanagh, Ireland, continuously since 1857.

Known for its beautiful translucence, each piece is light but is also very durable, with fine design detail and hand-painted shamrocks, flowers or gold trim.

16 individuals craft and care for each piece before it receives the famous Belleek trade mark, ensuring it's authenticity, is gift boxed and packed for the journey to America.

Belleek's reputation has been built on product excellence. Company founder, John Caldwell Bloomfield declared that any piece with even the slightest flaw must be destroyed. Over 155 years later, this is still strictly adhered to. The result is perfection.