Galway Whiskey Cooling Stones Set of 4, Polished Red Granite
Galway Whiskey Cooling Stones Set of 4, Polished Red Granite
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Size: 11"L, 4.7"W, 13.4"H

This Whiskey Stone Set is the new must have for your drink cupboard. You will transform the way you drink your favourite whiskey or liqueur. Love a chilled tipple but hate when ice dilutes the precious liquid?

You now have the perfect solution with our Whiskey Stones. You won't regret having a set in your cupboard. If you are a whiskey lover or you know a whiskey lover you could pair these stones with our Renmore DOF glasses making a special gift. The stones are presented in a soft velvet pouch.

Whiskey Stones can be used to cool your whiskey, liqueur, coffee etc. without diluting the liquid.

1. Place whiskey stones in the fabric pouch provided.
2. Place pouch into the freezer. Leave for a minimum 1 - 2hrs.
3. Use the ice cold stones to chill your liquid (not suitable for large volumes of drink).
4. Please wash by hand. Not suitable for the dishwasher.

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