Lenox Tuscany Signature Series Warm and Cool Region Wine Glasses, Set Of Four
Lenox Tuscany Signature Series Warm and Cool Region Wine Glasses, Set Of Four
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Size: Cool: H: 9.5" Dia: 2.5", Cap: 16oz; Warm: H: 9.5" Dia: 3", Cap: 20oz

Experience your wine with this refreshing addition to our iconic Tuscany Classics collection. In collaboration with renowned sommelier, Victoria James, we developed this carefully thought-out 4-piece wine glass set: two for warm region wines and two for cool region wines. It's simple: instead of matching your glassware to the grape, focus on where the wine was created. For warmer climates, where more sunshine means more richness, we crafted a glass with a deep bowl to allow the wine to breathe. In cooler climates, the aromas are more delicate, so we designed stemware with a smaller opening to capture every detail in the wine. Don't know if your wine is from a warm or cool region? Just ask your local somm!

These glasses are made of fine European lead-free crystal and feature a thin lip to help coat your palate and a naturally thin base for perfect swirling and aeration. We etched unique icons on each foot so you know which glass you need. The warm region wine glass has an icon showcasing a tiny circle with a thin line in the middle to represent the area of the globe closer to the equator. The cool region wine glass has a big space in the middle of the circle to represent the area of globe further away from the equator. It's all a part of a collection designed to elevate your wine tasting experience with every sip.

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