Riedel Stemless Winewings 4 Cabernet Glasses and Decanter Set
Riedel Stemless Winewings 4 Cabernet Glasses and Decanter Set
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Size: Glass: H: 4.76" Cap: 22.26oz. Dec: H: 9-1/2" Cap: 34-1/4oz.

Flat-bottomed and reminiscent of an aircraft wing, complete with winglets, the flat and stretched bottom with a wing-like shape increases the surface area of the wine, exposing it to oxygen. This leads to greater levels of evaporation and enables a greater intensity of aroma, while the top portion of the vessel works to deliver the wine to your palate in such a way as to enhance the flavors of the glasses namesake grape variety.

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Riedel, The Wine Glass Company

"It takes a great deal of efforts for a talented wine-maker to produce a good wine. These efforts can be ruined in no time if the wine is not served properly. The quality of the glass plays a crucial role here and Riedel produces the largest range of high quality glasses, specifically fine-tuned to fit the predominant wine varietals of the planet. Riedel makes it possible to fully appreciate all the nuances of aromas and tastes from the best wines of the world." -Michel Bettane

Varietal Specific Designs

The Riedel glass designs are based on the exceptional characteristics of each grape variety, which in turn determines the shape, size and rim diameter of the bowl. The latest machine blown technology, in conjunction with the seamless pulled stem, offers a special design feature "architecture", which creates an indent in the bottom of the bowl, reflecting the light and adding another dimension to the lively color of wine.

Cashs of Ireland is one of the largest independent retailers of Riedel glasses in the U.S.

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