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Riedel Wine Decanter Ultra
Riedel Wine Decanter UltraSale
Item # 240014R
Now Only $199.00
Riedel Cabernet Wine Decanter
Riedel Cabernet Wine DecanterSale
Item # 144013R
Now Only $69.00
Riedel Curly Clear Wine Decanter
Riedel Curly Clear Wine DecanterSale
Item # 201104S1R
Now Only $350.00
Riedel Microfiber Polishing Cloth
Riedel Microfiber Polishing ClothSale
Item # 001007R
Now Only $16.00
Riedel Boa Wine Decanter
Riedel Boa Wine DecanterSale
Item # 201301R
Riedel Amadeo Lyra Wine Decanter
Riedel Amadeo Lyra Wine DecanterSale
Item # 175613R
Now Only $499.00
Riedel Mamba Wine Decanter
Riedel Mamba Wine DecanterSale
Item # 195019R
Now Only $525.00
Riedel O Wine Decanter
Riedel O Wine Decanter
Item # 141413R
Riedel Performance Wine Decanter
Riedel Performance Wine Decanter
Item # 149013R
Riedel Sommeliers Black Tie Wine Decanter
Riedel Sommeliers Black Tie Wine DecanterSale
Item # 410023R
Now Only $599.00
Riedel Horse Wine Decanter
Riedel Horse Wine DecanterSale
Item # 410113R
Now Only $525.00
Riedel Swan Decanter
Riedel Swan DecanterSale
Item # 200702R
Now Only $525.00
Riedel Cabernet Magnum Wine Decanter
Riedel Cabernet Magnum Wine DecanterSale
Item # 144026R
Now Only $79.00
Riedel Merlot Wine Decanter
Riedel Merlot Wine DecanterSale
Item # 144014R
Only $49.00
Riedel Horn Wine Decanter
Riedel Horn Wine Decanter
Item # 201402R
Riedel Apple Wine Decanter
Riedel Apple Wine DecanterSale
Item # 146013R
Now Only $48.00
Riedel Curly Pink Wine Decanter
Riedel Curly Pink Wine DecanterSale
Item # 201104R
Now Only $350.00
Riedel Sommeliers Black Tie Amadeo Wine Decanter
Riedel Sommeliers Black Tie Amadeo Wine DecanterSale
Item # 410083R
Now Only $525.00
Riedel Eve Wine Decanter
Riedel Eve Wine DecanterSale
Item # 195009R
Now Only $525.00
Riedel Sommeliers Black Tie Touch Wine Decanter
Riedel Sommeliers Black Tie Touch Wine DecanterSale
Item # 200902R
Now Only $287.00
Riedel Tyrol Wine Decanter
Riedel Tyrol Wine DecanterSale
Item # 140513R
Now Only $499.00
Riedel Ultra Magnum Wine Decanter
Riedel Ultra Magnum Wine DecanterSale
Item # 240013R
Now Only $299.00
Riedel Wine Decanter Duck Ente
Riedel Wine Decanter Duck EnteSale
Item # 170014R
Now Only $425.00
Riedel Cornetto Magnum Wine Decanter
Riedel Cornetto Magnum Wine DecanterSale
Item # 197726R
Now Only $350.00
Riedel Escargot Wine Decanter
Riedel Escargot Wine DecanterSale
Item # 201102R
Now Only $350.00
Riedel Cornetto Wine Decanter
Riedel Cornetto Wine DecanterSale
Item # 197713R
Now Only $299.00
Riedel Marne Wine Decanter
Riedel Marne Wine DecanterSale
Item # 201702R
Now Only $161.50
Riedel Macon Wine Decanter
Riedel Macon Wine DecanterSale
Item # 201701R
Now Only $190.00
Riedel Syrah Magnum Wine Decanter
Riedel Syrah Magnum Wine DecanterSale
Item # 148026R
Now Only $79.00
Riedel Amadeo Double Magnum Wine Decanter
Riedel Amadeo Double Magnum Wine DecanterSale
Item # 175680R
Now Only $1,910.00
Riedel Superleggero Wine Decanter
Riedel Superleggero Wine DecanterSale
Item # 192501R
Now Only $350.00
Riedel Ayam Wine Decanter, Black
Riedel Ayam Wine Decanter, BlackSale
Item # 201602R
Now Only $425.00
Riedel Ayam Wine Decanter, Clear
Riedel Ayam Wine Decanter, ClearSale
Item # 201601R
Now Only $425.00
Riedel Performance Amadeo Decanter
Riedel Performance Amadeo Decanter
Item # 175619R
Riedel Amadeo Rose Decanter
Riedel Amadeo Rose Decanter
Item # 175613-RR
Riedel Bacchus Wine Decanter
Riedel Bacchus Wine DecanterSale
Item # 201501R
Now Only $575.00
Riedel Amadeo Mint Decanter
Riedel Amadeo Mint Decanter
Item # 175613-MR
Riedel Curly Mini Decanter
Riedel Curly Mini Decanter
Item # 201114R
Riedel Ayam Wine Decanter, White
Riedel Ayam Wine Decanter, WhiteSale
Item # 201603R
Now Only $408.00
Riedel Macon Magnum Wine Decanter
Riedel Macon Magnum Wine DecanterSale
Item # 201826R
Now Only $408.00
Riedel Amadeo Grigio Decanter
Riedel Amadeo Grigio Decanter
Item # 175613-GR
Riedel Mosel Decanter
Riedel Mosel Decanter
Item # 201903R
Riedel Medoc Decanter
Riedel Medoc Decanter
Item # 201904R
Riedel Cornetto Mini Decanter
Riedel Cornetto Mini Decanter
Item # 197714R
Riedel Amadeo Mini Decanter
Riedel Amadeo Mini Decanter
Item # 175614R
Riedel Winewings Decanter
Riedel Winewings DecanterNew
Item # 200702S1R

Why should I use a decanter?

There are two reasons for why we decant wines...decant older wines to separate it from its sediment, and decant younger wines to increase oxygenation, reveal more complexity and open up aromas and flavors.

To fully enjoy young wines (up to 10 years red and white) consider opening them 8 to 12 hours prior to consumption for oxidization or decant the wine, as this shortens the aeration process.

The main preserving element in wine is carbon dioxide which becomes part of the wine during the first (alcoholic) fermentation. Decanting diminishes the amount of carbon dioxide and "matures " the wine, allowing the bouquet to develop faster. On the pallet, decanted wine expresses higher levels of fruit in red wines and it tends to integrate and smooth out tannins.

When decanting young wines, turn the bottle directly into the decanter and let it splash into the vessel to promote oxygenation.

When decanting off the sediment of an old wine, slowly pour the wine into the decanter without allowing any sediment to leave the bottle.

Wondering about decanting? Try the following exercise:
Using identical glasses, decant half the bottle and serve the other half directly from the bottle -- then draw your own conclusion.

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