Steuben Desk Accessory, A Penny Saved
Steuben Desk Accessory, A Penny Saved
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Item# 9479VAA
Size: H: 12" x Diameter: 3.75"

A playful take on the everyday concept of "Change Management" our new A Penny Saved features two perfectly crafted pieces consisting of a beautifully proportioned funnel and jar. This tongue-in-cheek piece is sure to elicit a wry smile from glass collectors and humorists alike as they track their progress from "Penniless" to "Filthy Rich."

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At Steuben, luxury is in the details. Flawless by design, Steuben is the epitome of the expression "crystal clear". Exquisitely sculpted, delicately balanced; even the ping of Steuben stemware meeting for a toast is like no other. Refinements such as these, both great and small, bring a level of personal pleasure to life that can only be met when you are surrounded by the best.