Steuben Cheetah Sculpture
Steuben Cheetah Sculpture
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Size: H: 6.25" L: 4.00"

The world's fastest big cat, a cheetah can accelerate to 70 mph in three seconds. Revered for centuries as a royal pet but now endangered, the cheetah survives in the wilderness of Africa and Iran. A symbol of speed and focus, this piece is a powerful totem.

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At Steuben, luxury is in the details. Flawless by design, Steuben is the epitome of the expression "crystal clear". Exquisitely sculpted, delicately balanced; even the ping of Steuben stemware meeting for a toast is like no other. Refinements such as these, both great and small, bring a level of personal pleasure to life that can only be met when you are surrounded by the best.