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Thank you for your interest in Cashs Ireland, a family run business, dedicated to fine handmade crystal gifts, jewelry and barware.

Crystal is a Sustainable, 100% Recyclable Product.

Crystal and glass products are sustainable products. Each piece of crystal is 100% recyclable with over a ton of natural resources saved for every ton of crystal recycled. Energy costs of production of glass products containing recycled crystal are significantly lower than without using recycled products. Every crystal factory loves using the recycled crystal as a portion of their mixture. When mixture contains recycled crystal, it saves about a ton of fuel for each ton of recycled crystal, creating huge effects in saving of energy. Please recycle. Every piece of crystal can be completely recycled, if you have the heart to break it.

Born In Ireland

Starting in the early 1970s Cashs Ireland was founded in Cork, Ireland as a local luxury goods department store. Over the next few decades Cashs Ireland continued as a store and a catalog business, catering to many U.S. visitors and tourists. In the late 1990s Waterford Crystal acquired Cashs and operated its catalog business. When Waterford Crystal closed its Irish factory and restructured in 2007, Cashs Ireland was sold to Crystal Classics and became family owned and operated.

During the Waterford Crystal restructuring and closing of the factory in Ireland, Cashs Ireland hired many former Waterford Designers and Master Artisans to work on their own products.
Talented men that were left without work, found new purpose developing new products for Cashs Ireland. The same holds true today, as all our products are designed, tested and in many cases, when possible, produced in Waterford, Ireland. The lead free crystal products for which there is no technology in Ireland, Cashs Ireland has contracted Waterford's current factory in Slovenia to complete the production.

Cashs Ireland crystal is handmade, hand cut and polished, and contains the charm of the emerald island where it was born. Ireland is found in every design, and story that permeats the crystal clear barware, jewelry and giftware.

Celebrities and Privacy

At Cashs Ireland we have sent gifts for and to every living U.S. President, many popular celebrities, movie stars, sports stars and many other well known celebrities and public figures.
Their information, as well as the information of over million and a half of our customers, is kept very, very private. For more information please visit our Privacy Policy.

Gift Services and Presentation

Cashs Ireland offers first class gift service and luxury presentation of your gifts. We offer elegant, luxurious Black Gift Bags. You can add the Gift Bag at checkout for each item.

Corporate and Business Gift Giving

At Cashs Ireland we able to accomodate corporate and business gifts of any size. We have handled thousands of gifts, engraved or in a Gift Bag, enclosed cards and sent to thousands of individual addresses. We can receive customer list in an Excel spreadsheet and send the gifts as indicated in it. We are able to facilitate individual corporate gift giving for unique high end executive gifts, or send thousands of pieces to each of your customers or employees. With enough lead time, we are able to develop specific products or trophies for companies, sport tournaments and other occasions. For more information visit Corporate Gifts Page.

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