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Cashs Ireland Annestown Sangria Cocktail Pitcher
Cashs Ireland Annestown Sangria Cocktail Pitcher
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Size: H: 8.5" W: 4", Cap: 48oz.

When Ernest Hemingway was making his cocktails, he preferred to mix them in pitchers. He would freeze a large chunk of elongated ice in a tennis ball can, and then mix his drinks and put the ice into the pitcher. The ice would cool off the cocktail yet melt very little, so his drinks were always cold in the summer heat of Cuba. Using this technique as inspiration, Cashs designers created this Sangria Cocktail Pitcher, that can be used for non alcoholic beverages, as well as for mixing your favorite cocktails.

Here is an easy Sangria recipe.
Ingredients for four people:
1 bottle of red wine
Juice of two oranges
1 lemon
1 orange
5 tablespoons sugar
1 cinnamon stick
Red Currant
Melon Cubes
Mint (for decoration)
First, cut the lemon and orange into slices where the skin is not removed.
Then add the orange juice, fruit pieces and sugar in the red wine and mix well the whole solution. Then add the cinnamon into the Sangria.
Keep the Sangria for one hour in a cool place.
Before service, the cinnamon stick is to be removed, add mint as well as the ice cubes.
Sangria is served in Cashs Cooper Stemless Wine Glasses with straws.

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