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Cashs Ireland Grand Cru Champagne Cocktail Coupe Glass, Pair
Cashs Ireland Grand Cru Champagne Cocktail Coupe Glass, Pair
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Item# 25932C
Size: H: 6.75" W: 4.75", Cap: 12oz.

With its defined shape, the coupe is the ideal glass to taste champagne or a cocktail with elegance and turns every event into a refined celebration.
The wide bowl of the coupe glass exposes more air to the surface area of the wine which opens up the aromas flavors of the Champagne being served in it. A coupe is great for when you want to taste and experience the nuance of the sparkling wine, not just the effervescence of the bubbles.

Each piece in this sparkling, lead free collection is cashmere light - yet firm and durable, and has a top rim that is hand cut and polished to perfection. Lead free and dishwasher safe.

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