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Cashs Ireland Cooper Ice Bucket with Stainless Ice Tongs
Cashs Ireland Cooper Ice Bucket with Stainless Ice Tongs
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Item# 23781C
Size: H: 6.25" W: 6.25" Tongs: 7"

Adorned with bands of tight diamond cutting, this Ice Bucket is handmade in Waterford, Ireland by Cashs Master Artisans. This piece is a modern interpretation of the classic art of crystal cutting by hand. Holding the heavy piece steady the Artisan has to move it up and down the entire length of the piece in one single, and perfectly straight movement.

The Cooper pattern adds flawless refinement and style. The design invokes the memory of the craftsmen and the part they played in Waterford Ireland's history. The bands of tight diamond cutting represent the metal hoops that bind a barrel holding it secure. When the Vikings invaded Waterford they appreciated its strategic value as a major trading port. Both dry and wet goods were shipped by barrel. The barrel makers or "Coopers" as the trade was known continued their craft right up to the 20th century.

Handmade in Waterford, Ireland.