Cashs Crystal
Cashs Ireland, Top Grain Leather Keena Beige Handbag with Kerry Crystal Charm
Cashs Ireland, Top Grain Leather Keena Beige Handbag with Kerry Crystal Charm
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Size: H: 15 1/2" x W: 14 1/2"

Durable Cashs Top Grain Leather Keena Beige calf leather, with many pockets and stunning detail inside. Keena is the celtic word for "brave", and we are sure this wonderful handbag will soon become a favorite.

Included with the handbag is Cashs Kerry Crystal Charm, hand cut crystal inlaid in metal rhodium plated case with chain, hand made in Ireland.

Styled by Cashs designers to be functional with easy access to cell phone, yet noticed on an evening out. The handbags are designed to look haute couture, stunning and elegant, yet they are immensely practical, a typical Irish approach. The inside pockets with and without zippers, for easy access or long term storing of valuables. Every detail is carefully designed to fit Cashs quest for perfection.

All Cashs handbags use only the finest top grain, most durable, natural leather combined with the finest rhodium polished metal fittings for accent and durability.

A little known fact is that Ireland is Europe's top producer of high quality outdoor grass fed beef and lamb. The hides are sent to Italy for dying, and final assembly is done under the watchful eyes of Cashs designers. No detail is ever left untouched and every stitch is examined. Natural markings of the leather are minimized but not completely, and are not artificially removed. Cashs designers believe in the core Irish natural look and feel, connected to and inspired by nature.

The metal fittings are the highest quality, carefully examined, and only when the Cashs designers are completely satisfied with design and quality, each bag is adorned by hand with metal Cashs Ireland tag inside.

Pure elegance, soft top grain leather, quality polished metal - top couture fashion statements, now designed in Ireland.

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Cashs Crystal Tradition

Since 1976 Cashs of Ireland has been synonymous with fine crystal and gifts, all fashioned in traditional ways by skilled Irish craftsmen.

For generations, these Irish craftsmen have passed their knowledge of the ancient art of crystal making and cutting from father to son. Cashs artisans have dedicated their lives to their craft, and their city of Waterford, Ireland. Cashs Crystal is hand cut, where possible, and polished to perfection according to centuries old techniques.

Inspired by Nature

Talented designers draw inspiration from Ireland's rich history and beautiful countryside. They translate the rolling green foothills, walled remnants of ancient cities, and magnificent seaside into stunning art. Cashs designers bring to life these textures and patterns of Ireland with unique and exquisite detail.

Both designer and craftsman pour their talents into each piece as a handmade testament to their artistry and respect for nature.

Cashs of Ireland is an exclusive Cashs Crystal retailer in the U.S.!

See our featured video for Cashs Crystal, Hand made in Waterford, Ireland: