Cashs Crystal
Cashs Ireland, Holy Cross 8" Sculpture
Cashs Ireland, Holy Cross 8" Sculpture
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Size: H: 8" X W: 4.25"

The Cashs Ireland, Holy Crystal Cross sculpture is a beautiful and treasured symbol of faith, belief, and tradition.
Made of the finest crystal, the elegant cut pattern adds a special touch to its already divine look and feel.

The Cashs Ireland, Holy Crystal Cross is named after the Holy Crystal Cross Abbey, County Tipperary, that sits on the river Suir that flows through the city of Waterford, just a few miles down stream. It takes its name from the fragment of True Crystal Cross was brought to Ireland by the Plantagenet Queen, Isabella of Angoulme, around 1233. She was the widow of King John and bestowed the relic on the original Cistercian Monastery in Thurles, which she then rebuilt, and which was named Holy Crystal Cross Abbey.
With time, Holy Crystal Cross Abbey and the sacred relic of the True Crystal Cross became a place of great medieval pilgrimage, and with the Reformation, also a rallying-point for the dispossessed and victims of religious persecution. A symbol and inspiration for the defense of the Catholic faith, resistance and the struggle for Irish freedom.