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Cashs Ireland Crystal Cinderella's Slipper
Cashs Ireland Crystal Cinderella's Slipper
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Item# 20610C
Size: L: 6.5" x H: 3"

Do you know where your happily-ever-after is?
Inspired by the favorite and romantic fairy tale, this piece is beautifully crafted in clear crystal. It's been five centuries since the first written European versions of the tale appeared. This fairy tale is familiar to a lot of people, everyone has something in their life they are struggling with. And then at the end, it comes time for Cinderella to turn heads and win hearts at the ball, in a happy ending that inspires hope for all that persevere. How can you not smile and love it!?

This eye catching crystal slipper has beautiful cuts which captures the sparkle, the light and the spirit of the centuries old fairy tale that still inspires.

Handmade in Waterford, Ireland.